Monday, 10 March 2014

Four Ways To Build A Mobile Application, Part 4: Appcelerator Titanium

This article is the latest in a series of articles covering four ways to develop a mobile application . In previous articles , we covered how to build a tip calculator in native , native Android and iOS PhoneGap . In this article, we will look at another tool development platform , Appcelerator Titanium .
Allowed us to build a PhoneGap application tip calculator quickly and make it run both Android and iOS platforms. In doing so, we are left with a user interface (UI ) that , although quite usable, do not offer quite the same experience as that of a truly native application. Our solution takes advantage of PhoneGap view and represents a web UI with HTML5 and CSS3.
By contrast, Appcelerator Titanium applications make the user interface using native platform controls . Titanium is designed to provide the experience of a native user interface , along with portability between iOS , Android and BlackBerry platforms. Appcelerator plans to launch support for Windows Phone and Windows 8 later this year.
Here's our version of Appcelerator Titanium application displays FasTip running on iOS and Android:

 With Titanium , an application is written in JavaScript . However , instead of manipulating an HTML DOM , as you would in a PhoneGap application , the JavaScript API is Interacting with the Appcelerator Titanium . Provides user interface objects Titanium for things like buttons , text fields , lists, etc. . , And These are backed by truly faithful representation of the respective mobile platform native controls . In many cases , the code you write for one platform can run unmodified on other platforms as well . However , as seen with info we have native iOS and Android Approaches to navigate the different screens (eg with ViewControllers navigationController in iOS and Android activities) , not all of These Differences can be abstracted well . As such, Even with Appcelerator , At least some parts of your code will Have To Be específicamente written for each platform .
Appcelerator is a set of products , including titanium SDK for building mobile applications , cloud services and some can be used That for the end part of the application . The products can be used Independently of each other or in combination . The Titanium SDK and integrated development environment (IDE ) is offered Preferred free of charge for any commercial application . Appcelerator made ​​available at an additional cost of an enterprise version , que includes support, cloud services and analytics . Training and certification program are also available for an additional charge .
An Eclipse -based IDE called Titanium Studio is provided by Appcelerator . This IDE contains a JavaScript authoring environment , along with a source- level debugger...

Starting Your First Project:

Appcelerator Titanium Studio and Titanium are available for free. Appcelerator provides a document "Quick Start " that completely covers the steps to get started. Just follow these steps to get titanium tools :

To use Titanium , you must create a free developer account on the website titanium . With this developer account , you get the SDK Titanium and Titanium Studio IDE.
Once you have a developer account , you can access resources Appcelerator Developer . Here you will find a series of links "Getting Started" , including getting the tools for Mac , Windows and Linux.
As with PhoneGap , you must install the native SDK for the platforms you wish to support . However, Titanium Studio makes it easy. A configuration tool integrated platform Titanium Studio makes it easy to install and update the native SDK:

Thursday, 30 January 2014

How to Pick a Web Designer?

Searching a fine web designer & Internet marketing corporation can be the difference between a wonderful business investment & a total waste of time & cash; here are some tips and hints to assist you make the accurate decision. When you begin to look for a new Web Design Company to job on your new website or repair your existing website, there are a couple of things you require to verify before you steam ahead. Almost certainly the most vital thing to think about, perhaps even more than cost is can you obtain on with your web design company.

If you really desire to get benefit of how the Internet can make bigger your business & make profit for you. You will require a web design company that can present the full service along with an excellent attitude to share the newest knowledge & trends that will assist you obtain many traffic. Keep in mind you will be working with these people for a significant length of time & it could even be some years. That is if you desire them to assist not only design & produce your website however as well helps promote your web site & your business and increase your profits.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Web Design: Two Ideas You Need to Pay Attention To

A lot of things stand still for long now days, mostly where the Internet is concerned. In sort to ensure that your corporation has the most excellent website possible that will deliver the finest possible experience to visitors, you require to be conscious of present & future trends in web design. At the instant, the 2 most pressing of these are HTML5 & receptive design. 

You have certainly heard of HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), which in spirit forms the essential building blocks for all website pages. The mark-up language consists of different and various parts, which together teach web browsers what to show, how to show it & where. Past few years there have been a number of versions of this worldwide language of web design, with the present one being HTML 4, which first entered usage in 1997. However HTML5 is already well into progress & in a few cases is even being utilized. It’s a small way from being total, & it will be longer still before a common of browsers can interpret it properly. However many web designers are keen and excited about it and you should be also. At a glance & in layman's terms HTML5 will allow you to:
1)      Effortlessly integrate video & other multimedia into your website without the required for plug-ins such as Flash to be installed.
2)      Load pages faster.
3)      Make your website show improved & with better usability on mobile devices.
4)      Provide web pages interactive 'drag & drop' abilities.
It is value remembering that HTML5 is a only some years off being complete, & while the newest browsers present support for it, visitors with older browsers may not be capable to view all content. However it is surely something that anybody with a website should keep a close eye on.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Three Web Design Tips for Online Success

Know thy users

In array to design a website that is optimized for your customers, you require to know who they are. You can almost certainly work much of this out from the goods or services you sell, however carry out extra market research where desirable. Vital things to know contain 'How technically skillful are our customers at using the Internet?' 'How much time are they eager to spend in using a single website?' & 'What is most significant to them when buying products online or utilizing web-based services?'
Make your web design as individual as your brand

Having a website that looks wonderful & fulfils its reason is necessary for online trade, however you as well should also build sure that it is unique and a special sign of your brand. Don't just go for what is 'in' or what worked well for your rivals; go for what suits your business finest & fits in with your brand image.
Be as accessible as possible for mobile & desktop users

It is true that mobile Internet practice is rising quickly & you should absolutely aspire to give content tailored to smart mobile phone & tablet PC users. However at present, the huge majority of Internet browsing is either done on a desktop computer or a laptop, so don't disregard the usability of these more customary 'fixed' web users either. A perfect result is to have 2 different versions of your website.

Why Does Web Design Matter?

It is because your opposition is busting a gut to win your business. They are doing all in their power to attract your clients to their website & to take your online commerce. A well looking website, one that is forceful, persuasive & functions like a vision, adds worth. It enriches your client’s lives & they are grateful for it.

 Strong website design as well assists with your SEO & with over 90 percent of searches clicked through from page one of the search returns, anything that helps SEO has received to be good. So it is most excellent to build sure it's you most important the way & not the competition. One of the most significant and important features of any website other than appealing to the eye & containing killer content is its arrangement. 

Without a correct structure & clear navigation your visitors will rapidly become frustrated and bounce (leave your website). You have to build their experience as simple & as instinctive as possible & build it simple for them to discover their way to the information they desire.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Web Design Company Upon Tyne

Our forthcoming team of creative, original & technical specialized gives each and everything you require for the web, design & print. We have established track evidence working for a varied range of customers, tailoring every venture to the client’s requirements and making sure it is delivered to a very high standard. Whether you need an enthused website design, rebranding for your corporation, an increase in traffic to your website or an online shopping system, ne-web Ltd can compete with the finest to come up with the result that suits you.

Here we have brought together a side of the best internet user and marketers, web developers & web designers in Newcastle who can provide your website everything it desires as well as that little bit further to build you stand above the rest. Our SEO experts can as well market your website and get better search rankings to carry visitors or clients to your website & more trade. This website team is first purpose is to provide each and everything to clients. And we are sure that you will like our services and make a good and trustable relation with us.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Web design Wonder

Web design, the most effective increasing message one of the several disciplines of visual style, cell phone calls when the creative in addition to sensational expertise of an visual artist, nonetheless it will take manufacturers clear of the bodily marketing having which they are usually most acquainted. Rather, web site design challenges the creation of eye-catching in addition to evocative models fully in the electronic, digital camera method.

With a number of disciplines that will, formerly, supposed actually receiving his or her arms dirty -- a similar concept that will gone properly past allegory -- web designers are in reality at the problem if his or her arms are usually dirty whatsoever.

What's web site design, in addition to how can the item change from the customs of the time-honored vocation?

Due to the digital camera wave that has granted treatment of PC value to take care of considerably more than the text-based expertise in the primary creation of PC scientific discipline, the pc and it is peripherals in addition to software products currently views text as yet another visual take into account a new cyber-world of example, taking pictures, audio/video, along with text, in addition to a range of permutations of these things.

Similar to no time before, visual in addition to web designers gain access to a new shade palette that's numerous colorings, textures that will range between sleek glass to be able to bumpy deposits to be able to ethereal haze, shapes which are as soon as extremely hard to be able to conceive, aside from duplicate with ease, cartoon in several dimensions -- in addition to probably more -- in addition to permutations of these capabilities.