Thursday, 7 August 2014

How To Create A Successful Website That Keeps Customers Returning

For SMEs, effective online presence is more influential in social media. Natalie Laurence asks the experts for their advice

an elegant accumulation: Websites SMEs should be eye-catching and easy to use. Photograph: Barry Lewis / Corbis

We are all aware of the virtues of social media and how a successful Twitter account or Facebook page can increase sales, build contacts and driving in traffic. However, if these tweets and carefully crafted statements lead to a confusing customers poorly designed website and then all the effort put into the promotion will be fruitless.

Without sounding too obvious, a great website is essential for a successful business. A functional website that reflects his entrepreneurial spirit is your best sales tool and a bad web site may harm the reputation and sales.

"With around 36 million Britons are online every day and 48% of people starting some kind of search for a product or service online, it is almost at a stage that cannot afford to not be in line, "says CEO of SocialB Sweales Lynsey, a marketing company online and social media.
Where to start?

Before you start building your web site you should have a clear idea of what you want and how you want to create. Vanessa Austin Locke, a partner at Austin & Locke, just go through the process of creating a website. The company specializes in creating brand association strategies and come up with ideas to boost reputation, influence decision makers and generates content.

Austin Locke chose to use a designer and said it was seeking "a combination of technical expertise and creative vision." "A strong sense of aesthetics it was more important for us," he added. He aimed for simplicity with impact when designing your website. "Simple and easy to use and still participate in a funny way, it's not intrusive. Everyone is constantly advertised to, and it's irritating. We designed with customer convenience in mind."

Designer or web hosting platform?

Creating a website does not have to exhaust their savings; there are plenty of hosting platforms, such as WordPress, allowing you to develop functional and aesthetic web sites. "If you know how to use WordPress and then not do the hardest and most expensive things by yourself by using a new designer or building a CMS," says Austin Locke.

She continues: "If not, invest in a web designer, but be careful, there are a lot of cowboys out there we were quoted some absurd prices and had a bad first experience with a 'designer' with a lot of ability. Technique to build a website, but no aptitude for aesthetics or design. "

When deciding how to build your website, believes Sweales not have to cost a fortune.”With the likes of WordPress there are some great templates you can use, but if you want something a little more as then look for a website designer. But stress that you want to be able to update the website once it's up and running, to keep that flexibility. "

The creative aspect of designing your website can be the most enjoyable part, but it is essential to do well and their appearance in line reflects the essence of your business.

Digital Designer Maria Withers, who designed the website Austin & Locke, believes that design trends are temporary but Keeping up with them when designing a website is essential.

"Your design should focus around the needs of its user, if a website is not aesthetically pleasing or intuitive to your website can become redundant and users bounce from their website.

"Content is key to your website. Heaviness of the images on a website totally depends on what message you want your website to convey. Images must be relevant to your product or company in order not to confuse a user. "

When images are supplied SMEs can test libraries of images, such as or - or team up with students and Austin Locke made by website Austin & Locke.

"We shot our own and my advice is to be creative, almost always, it's fun and learns new skills while creative control is maintained. Find some up and coming photography or videography students or young professionals, and might be able to give it you a good price on some the original images as well as some ideas of incalculable value. "

Some strong, key images that succinctly express the nature of their business are more effective than many bad source images."Attention spans are short online and an image can communicate 1,000 words," says Austin Locke.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

SEO Web Design: Plan For Never-Ending Updates

Many business owners think about the websites and SEO web design as a matter of one: fix your keywords and your website and leave it alone to do its job. Unfortunately, the strategy of SEO is an ongoing project that must be constantly redesigned, adjusted and set to changing circumstances in the market and on the web.

SEO Website Design is not like painting a house, what to do once every 10 years. Instead, it is like vacuuming or laundry; should be done on a regular basis to avoid problems.

For this reason, many SEO experts who specialize in website design, charge a monthly retainer fee. This fee may include all services to be performed regularly, such as checking the sites of competition, changing keywords, refreshing web pages, updating coding standards, browser compliance and metrics monitoring or performance analysis. In some cases complete redesigns are necessary, as in the example of implementation of a new design of response from a previous design.

However, performing these tasks at random will not give you the results you want and web design upon tyne newcastle are best in all these. Website updates and other tasks should be scheduled on a regular basis with attention to best practices in web design SEO. Standards are available to help you know when to perform certain tasks and optimize your website, no matter who is doing your SEO.

Development of a procedure for updating your website

having a list of things to do and the frequency with which these tasks must be performed is a useful resource for webmasters and business owners alike. With a well-planned schedule, everyone will be included in the decision making process on how to achieve the best SEO results. The development of a "style book" can help everyone involved in the process of SEO understand your goals and what you have done to build a strong SEO. Some of the things that should be included in this list are:

      Filenames. The naming conventions used for new web pages, image files, audio and video files and all other types of content must be clearly defined and reviewed regularly. File names should describe the content and ideally include specific keywords.

      Directory structure. The directory structure of your website can make it easy or difficult for robots of search engines to find you. A well-defined silo structure, which uses high-level issues and builds down, is often the best choice for websites.

      Redirects. SEO Best practices indicate that the ideal number is 301 redirect redirects codes should always consider your SEO strategy. Failure to consider this in planning redirection could lead to less-than-optimal results. Routinely, webmasters and SEO experts should also remove the pages that are no longer working or are no longer needed.

      Bonding. The exact procedure for the identification of links and keywords should be written so that everyone understands the process. Guidelines for the link to be established before they begin outreach activities.

      New pages. Before you add a new page, there are several important questions to be answered, such as: What keywords are using for this site? What is the purpose or goal of this page? What silo support this site? The page should be designed with the answers to these questions in mind.

Style guides can make the SEO web development and ongoing clear and straightforward process for new programmers and programmers to suit your needs expand. Make sure everyone involved in your IT team is clear on the objectives of the company, technological requirements and of equal importance, trends in search engines.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

The New Smashing Mystery Riddle: Have You Figured It Out Yet?

Ah, these mysterious enigmas never stop, right? To celebrate the launch of Whistler SmashingConf our first conference in Canada, we have prepared another enigma, and of course this time it will not be easier!

So how does this time work? Well, below is the first of a few animated GIFs that contain a hidden secret Twitter hashtag. Your job is to deconstruct the hashtag as quickly as possible. To do that, you have to pay attention to the file name and count objects within the GIF (for example, "3 chairs") and search for them on Twitter (ie, # 3chairs).

If you are correct, you will find a tweet that leads to the next level. Once you have reached the last stage (oh, you'll know when), just a tweet out all the tracks in one hashtag to @ smashingmag on Twitter! Not so hard, right?

Alright, let's get to the point. Are you ready?Action! (And good luck!)

Tip: Be careful with a touch on one of the tables in each of the GIF files. Great view.
So, what can you win?

We're giving away a pretty extraordinary, sensational prize (and a few other extras Smashing, see below) for the first couple of readers who tweet hashtags hidden right for us!

      flights to and from Whistler, Canada,
      Full accommodation in a luxury hotel
      Smashing a ticket to the 2014 Whistler Conference
      any ticket Smashing workshop of your choice,
      Full access to Smashing eBook Library,
      a signed edition of the Smashing Book # 4
      truly sensational bag laptop
      Smashing his own caricature, designed just for you.

Note that to avoid spoilers, comments are closed for this post. And sorry, we will not make it very easy for you. The winners will be announced on Saturday, July 19.

Very well! Let us work. Or have I got? ;-)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Techniques For Creating Custom Textures In Photoshop

Textures are everywhere - the concrete of the sidewalk, the fabric on the chair, even the glass (or plastic) surface of the screen you are looking at right now. It is natural textures appeal to us because we see and feel every day. And no wonder why textures have become an important element in the design - so important, in fact, that I want to share with you the tips and tools to create your own textures with Photoshop.

Photoshop is not just for image retouching or photo manipulation. It can be used for much more, such as creating your own textures - as long as you know where to look. In this article, I will introduce a base of techniques to help you build custom textures. I will go over three features that I rely on Photoshop to do most of my texturing - filters, layer styles and brushes. Before we jump in, I want to demonstrate the importance of textures. Consider the following picture:

In the image above, we see a scene without textures. (OK, there is a texture, flat gray. Without at least a texture, the image would not exist.) The second image (right) shows a fully textured scene (the wood under the surface of the dusty table cloth in the chair, etc...) in fact, this entire image was created in Photoshop (without the use of external images), using many of the techniques described in this article. Note that this article explores how to create textures, but if you are interested in learning more about the use of texture as a design element, a bit of further reading is included at the end of this article.

Textured with filters 

Filters are still seen by many as cheap tricks that have no real application function in Photoshop. (I know, I used to be on that side of the fence.) Conversely, Photoshop filters are very powerful effects, when used properly, can produce some amazing results. If the filters are not part of their normal workflow in Photoshop, I encourage you to take another look at these understated effects and use the following tips to get started.

Apply a filter to a filter

Nobody ever said that you can apply a single filter. Instead, try adding a second or third or more. Experiment with various filters and see how they interact with each other to create new effects. Panel Filter Gallery (Filter → Filter Gallery) even has a stack of filters where you can get a preview of how various filters work together. The following image shows how the craquelure filter becomes much more interesting; simply by applying the crosslinking filter through the Filter Gallery.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Prioritising Content In Web Design

A common habit is to show design as much as possible. Show all links at once. Show as many messages as possible. Do everything bright, bold and stand out.

While this is understandable, because you want users to be lost or not being able to find things that can be counterproductive.

The solution to this is simple in theory: you have to prioritize. But it can be difficult in practice when you have to choose which sections of the site and what messages are more important than others.

Here are some practical ideas based around this theory:
The rule of 80/20

It is estimated that only 20% of the features 80% of the time used. You have to figure out how best to use 20% of the web page that is actually being used.

Hick’s law

the time it takes to make a decision increases as the number of alternatives increases. In the design of time-critical tasks to minimize the number of options involved in the decision to reduce the response time and minimize errors.


Highlight no more than 10% of pattern visible. Highlighting the positive effects are diluted with increasing percentage. Think about it: if everyone is crying then nobody is listening!

Ockham's razor

the simplicity is preferred to complexity in the design. Think of the battle of search engines in the 1990s that Google was imposed because of the simplicity of its design. Unnecessary elements decrease efficiency designs and give users more hurdles to cross.

Scanning and skimming

the web is different than reading a book means, watch a movie or play a game. Users want information NOW so you have to say what you need in 5 words instead of 50.

If you are struggling to decide what content is actually more important than your first port of call should be your Google Analytics stats and if still in doubt some A / B tests

But if you can be a bit more ruthless when considering its design and content, then you will serve your users better and saves time in making decisions and using your website.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Website Design In NewCastle Now Become Better And Chepper

Get a complete solution for designing web sites in Australia. The company also offers rate that can suit any budget at ease.

Cessnock, June 14, 2014 - Webpage I take great pride in introducing its latest website design and graphic design techniques for online business portals. The Newcastle design company website, which has already started getting positive feedback from your clients and customers for their excellence in the field of design, expects its latest releases benefits customers greatly. The company, which has just come into the presence as a home a few years ago in 2010, now boasts a strong customer base worldwide. Although found in the Hunter Valley region of Australia, just do not focus their work on the domestic market. Served by professionals in the field, the company believes in growing your network far and wide. So, stay on the international market for its focus and meet the needs of customers around the world without any hassle.

Whether an online entrepreneur is looking for e-commerce site to make huge income from sales or you need a graphic design company in Australia, website I can be your final destination. This company has offered some excellent works of graphic design for clients and has received positive testimonials of their work. Never want to deceive customers about the quality of work they do. That is the reason that offers samples of the work on your website. Therefore, someone who is taking their service for the first time can take a look to see if you receive the best value for the money you are paying.

They have launched some of the unique design of e-commerce websites in Australia features. The professionals here have worked for hours to bring some innovative techniques that can provide guaranteed total sales of your customer momentum. Although they are growing gradually become the market leader in this field and have received high praise for his work, remain extremely careful about maintaining a competitive price in the market. They charge a reasonable price for each job to do for customers' need not compromise with the quality of work of the budget constraint price. Webpage Me is a complete solution for all your design needs, directly from a company logo to the distribution of content and many more. To learn more about the services offered, you can take a look at their website or mail them.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Delivering Strategic And Creative Digital Solutions

Web Design and Development

Our friendly team of creative and technical experts to provide everything you need for the web, design and print. We have a proven track record working for a wide range of clients, tailoring each project to the needs of the client and ensure it is delivered to a very high standard.

Whether you need an inspirational web design, re-branding for your business, an increase in traffic to your website or an online shopping system, ne-web Ltd can compete with the best to reach the solution that suits you.

We have assembled a team of top Internet marketers, web developers and web designers in Newcastle that can give your website with everything you need and a little extra to make them stand out above the rest. Our SEO specialists can also market your website and improve search rankings to attract visitors to your website and more business.

The North East digital sector is one of the brightest in the UK and the ne-web Ltd are at the forefront of Web Design Newcastle. We have been providing digital solutions for over 10 years and are among the best web design Newcastle has to offer.