Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How to Create Hyperlinks

If you want to make a website, you must first program of building a website and then use a free program called Kompozer.

Creating a link to your site is very easy and there are several ways Komposer make a website and select the location where you want the hyperlink. Click on the link on the Insert toolbar.

 A dialog box appears asking the text to be displayed in the hyperlink. If you want you can here, or set of addresses online, you can hide behind the web of another text, such as the address, such as "click here".

See It Now dialog "link address" below. Here is where the hyperlink This can be a web address or email is the only Internet address complicated than it should be in the format is unsuitable.

is impossible to give the publisher a concrete example, for areas I, where no one would.

Monday, 29 July 2013

How To Build A WordPress Website

WordPress sites are popular because they are simple to make and even easy to use for the updating. New News () and add a new web page is very easy it's a big hold of WordPress.

WordPress not start as a CMS, which was built to allow users to easily manage the content on your blog, but now has grown and developed rapidly in the CMS tool is safer and easier to use.

There are some steps to create a completely fledged WordPress CMS website:

•    Get a domain from hosting company.
•    Get a host place to host your website.
•    Download WordPress (free download wordpress)
•    Install WordPress (search on google)
•    Change the theme and menu.
•    Posting articles on you website (vedios,photos etc)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Web Design Tips

Although it is difficult to design a site, a kind of white prayer after the beginning of the planning usually installed along the many strategies.

Creating a website can be fun, graphics, design, delivery, advertising, and understand the color system. Here are some tips, websites and kind of looks and visitors will find not only higher but also because of the good feed conversion design.

Create lighter graphics:

Always remember to keep small images. Especially 10-12 KB Many webmasters focus solely to create a visual representation, not thinking about the Internet. Sites with heavy graphics will take too long to load, and less productive.

Forget about fancy images:

Many good things lose their appeal, as the images of the imagination, as a rule, is flashing. If you want to maintain a decent and attractive design to forget the images of fantasy.

Web Design

Web Design deals with designing a good website and updates of long-term maintenance.  

With the advent of the Internet, every company wants to have a footprint on-line and website is the best way to demonstrate their capabilities and their business and turn the curiosity of potential customers.

Web layout depends on the functionality and use, and therefore one that is applied in the same area can not be generalized to another.  

But at the same time, it is important to have a company website design though they choose for their ideas a reality and image friendly and positive is created in the virtual world. 

 In an industry where the customers all over the world, a website is to show you. The first concerns the reputation and ability of the company