Thursday, 15 August 2013

5 important principles of web design for touchscreen keyboards in the development of e-commerce site

At present, the general usability principles apply to sites designed for mobile users. However, there are some unique problems associated with the use of touch keyboards that need to be anticipated and taken into account when creating websites.

1.    Turn off automatic correction for "weak" dictionary

Auto correction is useful for mobile devices and allows you to save you time, but it can also lead to an unconscious client input error, if it is not too attentive to his self-correction device. Auto Correct fails more often when you need to enter the cuts, street names, email addresses and some words not in the dictionary.

2.    See the appropriate keyboard

It is best to use the most appropriate keyboard layouts for each field. For example, display the numeric keypad when working with a field for credit card numbers, phone numbers and email-keyboard to type e-mail addresses. This saves the user from having to switch between the keyboard itself and reduce the chance of entry errors.

3.    The buttons "Next" and "Previous" to operate correctly

Users expect the button "Next" and "Previous" will do what is expected of them. Naturally, the subjects had problems with sites that have not been able to give the user a logical next or previous form field.

4.    Turn off automatic entry with a capital where needed

This problem is particularly sensitive forms of entering captcha. Smartphones usually defaults to automatic input text with capital letters in standard text fields. Without a doubt, this is a useful feature for such fields as name, but not for the e-mail address or password, where case sensitive.

5.    Serial call of keyboard layouts

When optimizing the keyboard layout should be consistent. This means that if you select the appropriate layout to different fields, then this should be done throughout the process of filling out a form. For example, during the study numeric layout was used to enter the credit card number, but not for the CVV code of the field, which is logically follows.

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